Chun Lin Nunnery-Hong Kong

On a wintry Sunday in New Zealand, I was remembering the peaceful temple of Chun Lin in Hong Kong


Coromandel-New Zealand

During a crisp winter weekend, I took a roadtrip to the Coromandel Pennisula in the North Island of New Zealand. The area is home to many attractions of which I illustrated below in my sketchbook. I also had an amazing view from my Airbnb. 😍

The view from the airbnb

The view from the airbnb


One of my favourite cities in South America-Valparaiso in Chile. The port city has an incredible street art scene with massive murals everywhere you look and colourful houses. This was one of my favourite views whilst walking among the many hills of the city. 

Valpo without border-ready Web.jpg

Shop now open!

My etsy shop is now open and you can find a variety of prints, greeting cards and badges for sale! You can visit now by clicking 'Shop' at the top of the page. Below is a photo of some Berlin Tower goodies before they were shipped off.